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The South African Lipizzaner’s

Bred with a distinct purpose for battle,

the Lipizzaner stands as the oldest domesticated horse breed still in existence today. Its introduction to South Africa in 1948 was driven by a commitment to preserving this vulnerable breed for subsequent generations. Globally, the Lipizzaner’s spectacular performances are exclusively showcased at two locations: The Spanish Riding School in Austria and The South African Lipizzaner Centre, situated here at Mistico.

The South African Lipizzaner Centre

orchestrates monthly performances, delivering a truly spectacular show. To obtain further insights or to arrange private events or school tours featuring these magnificent creatures, please direct your inquiries to the following contacts:

Email: or

Contact Number: 0797164792


Nestled within the enchanting expanse of the Cape Winelands, our distinguished establishment stands as a versatile and dynamic venue, steered by an unwaveringly dedicated and professional team committed to establishing new benchmarks with each event they undertake.